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We were created in 2010 and today we are one of
the leading companies in the generation and sale
of electricity. Our structure allows a performance
in the free and regulated markets in Brazil.

  •    380 clients

  •      27 million of MWh

  •     30 thousand energy contracts negotiated

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Free Market

Why be restricted to a dealership if you can look at the Free Energy Market for the company that best meets the needs of your business? In this model, your corporation can negotiate the price, the amount of contracted energy, the supply period, and the payment terms.

Choosing the Free Market means eliminating tariffs and abusive increases in electricity bill, being the ideal choice for companies with large energy demands that need to reduce costs and have more predictable expenses.

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Based on studies, analysis, and projections, we
purchase energy from generators with variable prices
and we pass it on to our customers with fixed price in short
and long-term operations. We assume the risk from
the thorough assessment of scenarios and influencing
factors such as climate and credit risk.
Thus, we can offer to your company the best
cost-benefit ratio, even in high volatility scenarios.


Bolt knows about the great responsibility it means providing energy efficiency for its customers - large businesses that need high availability at a lower cost. Therefore, it offers the best services according to the unique characteristics of each business.

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